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Sound Circle Center for Arts and Anthroposophy

Who We Are
Sound Circle Center
(SCC) is a 501(c) non-profit organization providing training and symposia in anthroposophy, the arts, and Waldorf teacher training. Founded in 1997, SCC is located in Seattle, Washington, USA and serves the Pacific Northwest. SCC's primary programs include Waldorf teacher training and symposia.

Waldorf Teacher Training
SCC's three-year part-time Waldorf teacher training program is arts-centered and multi-disciplinary.  Our faculty brings a wide range of teaching experience and a deep understanding of anthroposophy, Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy upon which the pedagogy is built.

SCC sponsors classes and workshops designed for the public to deepen understanding of Waldorf education and Anthroposophy. Symposia also offers professional development classes and workshops for Waldorf teachers.

Our Mission
The mission of Sound Circle Center for Arts and Anthroposophy is to train Waldorf teachers and provide education and support to Waldorf communities in the Pacific Northwest. We are committed to personal and social renewal through the study and practice of arts and anthroposophy.

About Waldorf Education
Waldorf education is one
of the largest and fastest growing independent private school movements in the world.  From the founding of the first school in Germany in 1919, Waldorf education has grown to include nearly one thousand schools and initiatives around the world.


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